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三茶道 - The SANCHA Way

Sharing life experience for a slower, more meaningful life through Japanese excellence.

Hey there! ようこそ!Welcome to The SANCHA Way. You are so welcome here.

Never in a million years did I think I would start a blog about my love and dedication to Japanese culture but after a good 20 years of influence from all manner of Japanese culture and 7 years living in Tokyo, I feel I have enough experience to share how it has shaped and changed my life.

I hope to share some nuggets of wisdom, advice and knowledge for a more meaningful and fulfilling life. There may also be the odd musing or a rambling while I try to figure all of this out. To follow my journey on a more regular basis, follow me on Instagram.

I hope this blog leads to a community of those with wanderlust and a desire to learn more about the country that I have grown to know and love, one that is responsible for shaping me indefinitely: Japan.


- Samuel Alexander 

Japanophile and Founder of SANCHA

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